On Cloud Nine Featuring: Finn & Emma

When I found out that I was pregnant I was literally beyond thrilled. My husband and I had discussed starting a family and with so many wonderful memories built with him alone I was so ready to add another person to those memories. I remember going out to the mall and looking for new items for my changing body and then getting stuck in the children's section just admiring all the cute little items. When I was still in the dark about whether we were having a boy or a girl I would glance at the girl section in awe but the boy section captured my heart ( mainly because I really wanted to have a boy first, because lets be honest the boy section is usually two racks compared to a whole floor of little girl stuff! lol)

Whenever I would look at outfits for my future babe I would just imagine how cute they would look in them, and how much fun it would be to dress him or her up. Now that Landon is here, things haven't changed, I love getting him new clothes, (or putting items in my shopping cart and always failing to press "checkout")

I guess I have a confession to make, I love to shop. It brings a joy to my heart to snag new items and even more so when I know I am getting something special. I don't shop often, but when I do, I want quality items that aren't going to come out looking smaller, faded and wrinkly. When I came across Finn & Emma I was instantly intrigued, they had so many cute items and I couldn't resist. Sometimes when shopping online we run the risk of getting clothing that isn't the greatest quality, and with so many companies advertising major discounts we can get sucked in to buying things and when they arrive we are left disappointed. What I have loved about my items from Finn & Emma is that they have been exactly as pictured. The colours are vibrant and don't bleed in the washing machine, they are of thick material and well made.


They have adorable basics, great patterns, accessories and toys. My favourite collection is the Clouds Collection its such a cute and playful print.

Now that spring is here it's the perfect time to sport rompers and I love seeing Landon's little legs as he played around the house in this collection. You can shop this collection here.

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