Outdoor Adventures Featuring:BBLuv 2 in Play& TravelTent

When the sun comes out I Instantly get excited about going to different places, exploring the city, and taking snow-free walks. Now that I am a mother my joy for being outside hasn’t changed but the preparation definitely has. 

Before having Landon I wouldn’t have to think very much about what I would need as I left the house. Keys-check, wallet-check, glasses-check, for the most part that is all I ever require. The means to get there, money to spend when I arrive and the ability to see where the heck I am going lol but now that I’m a mother I need to consider someone else.

Landon is a few days shy of being one, but he is always on the move! Now that he’s walking - I can no longer get away with taking him out without socks/shoes. If we are going to the park I especially need to make sure I have a few of things with me..

  1. Diapers/wipes  
  2. Sippy cup with water  
  3. Teething toys  
  4. Play tent  

I don't like to carry too many things with me, no matter where I am going, so I am glad that this is easy to carry and more importantly its useful! It's not something that just looks good or is easy to assemble( though it checks off both boxes), it has real use- especially when you have a child that requires close attention to what they are playing with and putting in their mouths. 

It is super easy to put together, I didn’t even look at the instructions I just used my **i have put together 1000 things since having a child ** powers and voila - but if you need instructions it does come with some (lol) ! It also comes in a convenient carry case, not bulky at all- and assembles within minutes! It includes three hanging toys to keep your little one entertained! Landon would pull them down every so often and just play with them in his hand (especially because they are shakers!)



Once it’s set up Landon can play inside (during park trips where there are just too many children around I can ensure he is enjoying the weather but playing safe and close to me! It’s also great if you are out for a long period of time and your child wants to nap, it has a mesh covering to keep the suns rays at minimum and bugs (Landon seems to think it’s just moving food) away. If you like to travel, this would also be the perfect (easy to pack) bed! As soon as I saw how easily I could put it into its bag, I told my husband we would be taking it with us on vacations and beach trips !

Where would you take your kiddo to use this 2 in 1 tent ? Beach mama or park mama?