Landon Turns One!

On May 20th 2018, we celebrated the sweetest little boy! There was laughter, there was cake, and chaos! I had all of these plans in mind when it came to preparing for Landons first birthday, but most of those plans never came into action. 

When I thought about his party I wanted everything to be perfect, Pinterest worthy and of course take place without a hitch- that didn’t happen. The venue we wanted wasn’t available, the one we went with was great but didn’t have early access to decorate, there wasn’t enough chairs at first  and to top it off- Landon had a stomach bug and threw up about 10 times (luckily it was towards the end)! 

But enough about that. Let’s talk party, shall we?  

Landons party theme: Hot-Air balloons & Paper planes!

He has such an amazing sense of wonder and we thought it would be a cute, fun theme.  

Colours: blue, red, white & cream  


When planning, since we got a venue late I wasn’t able to see it nor predict how many decorations would be necessary. But with a short set up time and some amazing friends- we managed to pull something together !

 *the hot-air balloon center pieces I never got to take pics during the party lol**

Despite all the craziness it was actually a great eye-opener for me! 

“Its not about the decorations and cake, it’s really about celebrating life and the memories you make” 

We were surrounded by so many family members, it was great to see everyone come together and with all the joy and excitement for Landon. He was incredibly blessed with clothes, books, toys, and so much more. He was constantly in someone’s hand, some he had met for the first time but without crying and looking for mommy and daddy. People came up to me expressing what a happy baby he was, and I’m so grateful that he is often found with a smile. 

Even during the times when he wasn’t feeling well, he didn’t cry. He would throw up and then be back to normal within seconds- it was actually kind of funny.  

The food was amazing, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the birthday boy was very happy and truly blessed as well! And I guess in a birthday that they won’t remember, that is all you can really hope for! 

  leaving the party in the new whip! lol 

  leaving the party in the new whip! lol