Maternity Photos: How to Choose an Outfit!

The other day while getting ready for special services at my church I was standing in front of my closet so uninspired. Literally staring at my clothes wondering why I had bought them in the first place. Being a mom that still breastfeeds a lot of my outfit choices have to give Landon easy access, even if that means I'm lifting my dress up that is still a lot easier than unbuttoning a shirt while holding about 22 pounds of non-stop fidgeting tiny human on your lap. 

I think it goes without saying, choosing an outfit is not as easy at it used to be. While standing in front of my closet I noticed my burnt orange robe just there, practically glowing. I decided to take it out and look for something I could wear with it. I instantly remembered my maternity photo outfit. 

When I was getting ready for my maternity shoot I had gone Pinterest crazy looking at different potential outfits. The problem was the dress I really wanted seemed impossible to find. I could have ordered it on Amazon or something but didn't trust that it would...

  1. Be good quality 
  2. Arrive on time 
  3. Fit me 

So rather than risking it I decided to try out some local shops and I'm glad that I did. Here is what I did to choose the perfect outfit.

Choose A Theme

I knew for my photoshoot that I wanted to have calm, free, boho-vibes. Choosing an outfit that would fit the theme well was ideal. I chose something that I knew would be reflective of not only my style but create images that were fun and adventurous like my husband and I. 

Let Yourself Glow

If you know there are colours that always make you feel confident, stick with those. You want to look radiant in your photos and finding a colour that compliments your skin well will do the trick. 

Compliant Your Partner

When I was planning my outfit my photographer (who was awesome) asked what we were wearing, she wanted to make sure it worked well not only for the both of us but for the scenery. 

My Outfit

I chose something that I felt would be comfortable, show off my belly as well as have use once my pregnancy was over. I had already owned everything except for the dress which I found for $12 at Forever21.


Burnt orange kimono: Zara, White dress: Forever21, Braided belt: Forever21, Wedges: Aldo


Despite the bad weather that we were having the morning of the photos it was beautiful and sunny within 5 minutes of our arrival to the photoshoot location. We walked around, talked ( or we tried, something about a camera makes us forget how to be ourselves lol). The photos turned out beautifully.

photos taken by JessekaMelanie 


Choosing to take maternity photos was something I really wanted to do, to document that special time in our life ( my husband took a while to convince lol), did you take any, or will you? I'd love to hear your experience & theme ideas!