Let's Get Changed! Featuring: Eco by Naty

Stepping into motherhood one of the responsibilities often depicted as a torturous task is changing diapers. You've played the games at baby showers, and you've probably even returned a baby or two the minute you noticed that sweet baby smell disappear. Babies and diapers go hand in hand so finding one that meets your needs is important. 


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Eco by Naty was created by Marlene Sandberg in 1994. At the time Marlene was preparing for her second child and was shocked by the high levels of waste that disposable diapers produced. In effort to minimize the amount of waste, she wanted to create a biodegradable diaper. With materials between 40-60% bio-based Eco by Naty's diapers and pull-ups rank the highest on the market.


But let's be honest, though we are impressed and enlightened by facts, we really just want something that will work well, so does it? In. short- yes, it does. 

Here is what I found...

1. Absorbs Well 

Landon co-sleeps with my husband and I and on several occasions he woke up wet. A diaper that had leaked onto our bed- annoying. So when we received diapers from Eco by Naty, that was one of the major tests we wanted to put it to. Night after night, we were amazed that he hadn't peed through his diaper.

2. Wiggly-room

Landon is a big boy, and went up in diaper sizes fairly quickly. He wears a size 3 which is normal for the stage he is currently at but I've noticed with some brands they just simply aren't big enough. He meets the weight requirements but still doesn't fit him right- but he is fitting into his Eco by Naty diapers just fine!


3. It Sticks

Now that Landon is getting older he is starting to play with his diaper more (he is usually only in a diaper during his meal times) the diaper fastener feels secure and I've never had an issue with constantly refastening. Especially when he's doing his gymnastics (anyone else have a super busy boy?)





I really like using these diapers, and for the last month I've used them and haven't had a complaint. If you are a lover of environmental friendly products I would definitely recommend checking them out, they also have some great aloe infused wipes, and other toiletries (great for both sensitive & normal skin) 

You can get a subscription for your very own diapers to be delivered , or find a retailer here.