Let’s Go Shopping: Featuring Binxy Baby

Going shopping is one of my favorite activities, whether it’s for clothing, birthdays, gifts or online. However, I hate grocery shopping, with the exception of getting fruit only I just don’t like it. I’m not sure when I realized but, it’s just not fun to me. My husband is the designated grocery shopper. I make the list, he goes to the store and we both pack items away.

A quick trip to the store  is especially daunting when you have a baby with you. am no longer running into a drug store for some deodorant. I am now talking a child out of the car, getting the stroller, putting the car seat into the car seat adapter that only acts weird when I’m in a rush. Then I have to push it into the store, grab one item that takes 5 seconds - but now it’s a 5 minute job. 

I know, I know, it’s not that serious- but when you live in Canada and spend what feels like 8/12 Months fighting against cold weather- yes it is that serious ! (lol) If you are anything like me, going to the store for aimless shopping is a thing of the past, so I’ve created a list of helpful tools to get the job done ! 

. Have a game plan

If you must leave the house with a babe (or 2), know where you are going, and make sure the time is conducive to your lifestyle (naps, feeds, and traffic)

2. Make a list

If you know what you need it will help to speed up the process, rather than spending extra time trying to remember what you came to the store for in the first place (can somebody say, “baby brain”.

3. Shop w/ Binxy Bab 


This convenient hammock is easy to clip onto a shopping cart (baby can go directly inside) or it can hold up to 50lbs and secure your infant car seat on top. It makes running in and out much easier ! 

4. You’re a customer- get service !

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the clerks, service reps and other staff at your local stores aren’t volunteers so feel free to call them over for assistance !

These have all been useful ways for me to shorten the time when I have to run to the store. And I hope they help you as well!

These shopping cart hammocks come in a range of designs to suit your style or something playful for your little one. Landons is the indigo dream.


Do you have an go-to tips for surviving shopping with an infant? I'ld love to hear them !