All Cleared Up: Tips for Dealing with Infant Eczema


When I got pregnant with my son I was so excited to meet him, I wondered what he would look like, what personality traits he would have, what his laugh would sound like, all the “fun stuff” but never did I consider what obstacles I might face. 

When my son was about 4 months old I started to notice that his skin was changing. He started to develop small bumps all over his chest and back. They made the area of his skin very dry and he would often touch his chest as he got older. Once he figured out how to, he would scratch his chest to the point of breaking the skin causing it to be irritated and bleed. My heart broke for him because I knew he was uncomfortable.


The top three are recents and the bottom three were in March. These simple tips are what has helped his skin. He hasn’t had any flare ups since. I no longer apply lotion & balm/oil after every change, he doesn’t take milk or coco oat baths anymore. I do however still give him 2 baths  everyday  - one oil infused, one not. Hope these tips will be helpful to you ! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below!