Breastfeeding Chronicles:Engorgement

Have you ever eaten more than you should and felt like your stomach was close to explosion? A feeling that is partly painful and partly uncomfortable? Shortly after the feeling has come over you, you probably feel guilty for eating as much as you did. Foolish, for allowing that extra piece of lasagna to meet your mouth, or ashamed that you didn’t just say no to dessert when you were already beyond full! 

Well how about having that feeling because you decided you would let your baby sleep longer during a growth spurt, rather than waking during their normal feeding time, or maybe you left your baby for the day and forgot to bring your pump.Whatever the reason, being engorged sucks !

My first experience with being engorged was incredibly painful, couldn’t put my hand down it was meeting my armpit-painful! So here is my open letter to an engorged mama out there.

Dear Engorged Mama,

You are stronger than your now rock hard, liquid-gold filled, milk makers. It sucks is an understatement. There is nothing that will feel better in this world than having it released (until you forget the feeling and get your fav icecream). Your partner/spouse will not understand, but their eyes will be widened when they realize you are overflowing out of your bra. Your baby won’t be able to drink it fast enough so you may resort to running in the shower and squeezing as if your life depended on it. Hot water definitely helps tho. But the best piece of advice is when you feel that tingle be ready, don’t let it come to this if you can avoid it! Pump it, freeze it,and save for later. It feels like the end but it’s not, you’ll get through it and you will look back and laugh.