Breastfeeding Chronicoles: Ready to Say No

I may have just fed my first born for the last time this morning. Though I had it in mind to call it quits and really give myself to weaning this week, I wasn’t sure. Around 10am before heading off to work he asked for milk and I turned to my husband and asked him if I should. He then replied, “why not?”

Nursing Landon had always been a great joy, I felt a sense of pride to be able to provide for my child in that way. To know that at any moment I could fulfill his need of hunger or comfort. But I won’t pretend it was always easy, nor will I pretend that I haven’t been doing so with a burning desire to stop as of recently.

It started to become more of a chore than anything else. Another thing that only mom could do- which meant I was backed into a corner of mom-guilt. Guilt I was really putting on myself but his sweet face and desperate plea didn’t help either.

After discovering that I was pregnant I knew another life would count on my for nourishment (assuming I was able to supply with abundance once again) the thought of continuing my breastfeeding journey with Landon up until that point was terrifying. I had enjoyed breastfeeding but I was ready to let go with him.

They say your first child is a guinea pig - the one who is a product of experimenting, lots of trial and error and with nursing I really think this is true. As a first time mother who was not only choosing to breastfeed passed a year (mainly because my son stopped taking a bottle and refused solids for some time) I felt compelled to continue nursing, we co-sleep as well, so this made the thought of weaning impossible.

But as I got further along in my pregnancy, my fatigue increased, a new job and a desire to be with my husband without the middle man began to grow, I knew it was time. I dont want to resent nursing my new babe and with my sons attachment to nursing I was afraid that could happen if we don’t get it sorted out sooner rather than later.

So how am I doing this?

Well I consider myself somewhat lucky, my son and I spend several hours apart each day because I go off to work. I usually nurse him when he wakes up and then we have breakfast together, play and get ready to go to the babysitters. When I pick him up he is often ready for a nap by the time we get home. He will sleep, awake and then want to nurse. For the rest of the evening he may ask for milk, but I really think it’s mainly for comfort. Night is the major feeding - where he will often fall asleep while nursing and then he will wake usually around 6 wanting milk.

My plan of action is, ensure I wake up before him and have something prepared for him to eat. Play, distract him and offer other options if he asks for milk. Continue this at any time he requests milk. My husband will be in charge of the bedtime routine. Bath, dressing, story, give him a bottle of “tea” (ovaltine) and put him down in his bed (cutting co-sleeping as well). I will say goodnight before his story, and then disappear into the living room.

I am really hoping we find success in this method because I’ve tried a few things and I am just ready to move on! I can definitely share some of my failed attempts at weaning in another post and for immediate daily updates on my progress be sure to check out my Instagram stories !

I’m always interested in finding out what other journeys of breastfeeding look like, so please share your own experiences or share this post with someone who might want to share!!