Maternity Fashion: Featuring- Sprout Collection

Finding the right outfit during pregnancy can be challenging. I am all for expanding my wardrobe but, when my body is expanding literally day by day the last thing on my mind is going shopping.

I’ll admit it, the idea of purchasing maternity clothing has always been something I’ve battled with. On one hand I do want some pieces to call my own and on the other I rather spend money on the body type I anticipate once my baby is here.

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway which featured Sprout Company.


Did you say subscribtion box?

The ever so popular subscribtion box trend doesn’t just stop at workout gear and cooking supplies! Sprout provides maternity and nursing friendly clothing rental (right here in Toronto !)

If you are like me and not sure about purchasing or maybe you have a special events that requires an outfit or a few items a bit more on the pricier this is a great alternative.

Since I won this as a giveaway I didn’t pay, but I genuinely loved the whole process and I’m excited to share what I got with you guys !


These jeans are super comfortable and don’t look like “maternity jeans” and don’t slip like so many other brands!


This dress is so cute and would be perfect for before, during and after pregnancy !


This one would also wear well at anytime in life and it’s perfect for spring, as it’s light. However it’s not as stretchy as the previous dress so depending on how big I get I’m not sure if it would be sufficient for the full duration of my pregnancy !


I’m in love with this dress, it gives me Bohemian vibes and I can’t get enough ! The sleeves are bell sleeves which I think are making a comeback ! I really love this one.

By now you are probably wondering okay, how can I sign up, and how does this work! Well it’s super simple and there are various packages offered to meet your needs. You can order month to month ($139) a 3 month package($119/Month) or 6 months ($99/month) and judging by the prices of these items it’s definitely worth it!

Heres how it works:

Super simple, and you get a month to enjoy all 4 items. So if you are a Canadian mama you should definitely check them out!

I’d love to hear what your fav item I got is, leave a comment down below & tell me your maternity wardrobe must have!