Goodnight Landon: Weaning & Sleep training


I can’t believe it guys, but it worked ! My son has officially been weaned and sleep trained ! If you read my blog about deciding to end my breastfeeding journey then you are aware of the struggle I had with saying no to my son. After one good conversation with a friend I got the kick I needed.


We went for the cold-turkey method. I simply said no and then distracted him with an activity. Before he got hungry I would have his meals prepared so all I had to do was warm it up (if it was a hot meal). During bedtime was the major “mommy, mommy, milk” time, so I didn’t do his bedtime routine for about 5 days. After bath and during story time I would come in to say goodnight, give his bottle to my husband and then he would do the rest. I work during the day so we don’t have much time to fight over milk, that really helped.

That was it. Once we re-introduced “baba” (a bottle - which he had stopped taking around 7-8 months) he was fine. Will he still show interest in being breastfed? - Yes, if he sees them (lol) but otherwise he’s fine.

We previously co-slept but with no more nursing sessions we were putting him down exclusively in his bed. He simply got used to the idea and always goes there to sleep/nap.

The first two nights he would wake and cry, get another bottle and go back to bed. Then we stopped giving him extra milk after about a week and only gave him water during wakes. By week 3 he wasn’t waking up at all before 6am, which meant no extra bottles and interruption free sleep for my husband and I.

I have don’t have a magic formula, but this worked for us! He has now stopped nursing and sleeps in his own bed for 5 weeks. He will often be ready for bed around the same time everyday. We do have quite the social life and can have busy evenings with friends or church commitments, but with a consistent routine he has been amazing!


Weaning & Sleep Training

1.Wean Tips: Don’t be afraid to say no

2. Ensure your babe is getting enough food throughout the day

3.Encourage snacking by sharing out a bowl of something your babe likes during play time

1.Sleep Training: First few nights start around the time they show signs of being tired

2.Stick to the same routine so they begin to identify when bed-time is coming around

3.Be consistent

4.Keep lights low, activities that use minimal/no noise

Bonus- Get your spouse/partner involved if the attachment stems from being nursed.

I hope this post has helped someone, or just given someone a reference they can use in the future. Sleep training and weaning doesn’t have to be a horrible and scary process! If you have a story you would love to share leave it in the comments. Pass this one to someone who may need it & thanks so much for reading!