Easter Activities For Kids


The sun is shining brighter and staying out for longer (thanks to daylight savings), the children are excited about getting outdoors and you are even more excited about minimizing screen time and taking full advantage of any opportunity to be more hands on. With Easter weekend just a few days away the worse thing that could happen is, well- nothing!

Having a toddler that is becoming more and more interested in playing and exploring, I know that I can’t let this weekend come and go without creating some memories and doing some fun activities along the way. Easter baskets may be all the rage in this season but I’m not going to stuff my son with candies and chocolates- instead I want him to have some things to do, get his little fingers dirty and his mind working.


I went to my local Party City to grab some materials:

  • Chalk (egg shaped)

  • Mini fillable eggs

  • Large fillable eggs

  • Egg tray

  • Lollipop sticks

With these materials we will be able to do a few activities.


Landon has never used chalk before! Getting outside and allowing his little imagination to create squiggles all over the pavement will be a new way to explore colouring and using his gross-motor skills.


Homemade popsicles are definitely a hit with Landon, using the mini fillable eggs we will cut up some fruit, and add yogurt and almond milk to the blender - pour it into the fillable eggs and add a lollipop stick to the bottom of the egg (where a small hole is located) freeze and then have as a treat !

The larger fillable eggs will have different surprises inside (magnetic letters, miniature animals and other objects that Landon is familiar with that we can go over and have him practice saying them.


The egg tray will be used to hold eggs while we decorate them. I think he will really enjoy seeing plain white eggs turn into different colours as we dip-dye them.

There are so many other activities out there and resources available to help you and your children enjoy the Easter break without too much emphasis on sweets- but rather making moments sweet. Education.com has many worksheets and activity pages as well. One of my favourites is this neat maze. Though it’s a little beyond Landons ability I have always loved solving mazes on the back of cereal boxes growing up. If you have older children you should definitely check this website out!


Maze & Answer Key

What are some activities you plan on doing this Easter, share below I’d love to get more ideas!