Mothers Day: Preparing For Two


Mothers Day has always been special to me, celebrating one of my favorite women in the world- my mom. Growing up I remember doing crafts at school and being excited to see her reaction. On Mother’s Day my family would prepare breakfast in bed for my mom (my dad made the funniest looking pancakes lol), she would be happy regardless and always helped us tidy up, even when we insisted she didn’t.

Now click fast forward on the VHS (yes, I’m taking it back). All those I identified images are going quickly and there’s an odd screeching sound coming from the tv, and now we are in 2019. Still celebrating my mother who I’m grateful for, but now with a new title of my own and a sweet boy born just one day after my moms birthday.


This sweet boy, made the world aware of my motherly status, my rainbow babe.

The last (almost) two years have been very interesting, challenging but mostly wonderful —he’s added a new dynamic to my family. My husband and I are constantly laughing at just how entertaining he is. He’s taught me so much about myself. Like how my patience isn’t what I thought lol. He loves to explore, run, be outside, listen to music and dance.


Spending this time learning about him and of course myself - it has given me a new perspective on life. Now that I am expecting his brother in just 4 weeks, I wonder - can I really do this? Can I stretch myself to love, care for and learn about another tiny human? I mean, there are some days when I’m convinced Landon snuck into the pantry and ate a bowl of sugar- the amount of non-stop energy he possesses is mind blowing. I have found myself so irritated (I mean maybe because I’m pregnant and just TIRED) but I really do have to stop myself sometimes like girl, chill out. Being a mother is no easy job, and I love that I am blessed to have such an experience but I really don’t want to give my children a stressed out, uptight version of myself.

I want to be the type of mother I grew up with (sprinkled with some extra spice lol). I want my children to have fond memories of growing up and activities they did with me. And how annoyingly I would sing around the house at the mention of every word, and how my meals were always on point (hehe) those sort of things. This Mother’s Day will be my last shared with only Landon. I can think help but reflect, and of course own up to my faults. I don’t want to be a “perfect mom”, that’s just unrealistic. But God chose me to be Landons mom so I want to be the best one I can be for him, and all the future little Wright’s I pray we can raise.

So this Mother’s Day, our last as a family of 3, I hope to remember these things.

  1. You Can Do It. Even when it feels like everything is crashing down on me, I will get through it

  2. Ask For Help. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing the supports around me.

  3. Say No. I’d rather disappoint someone hoping to hang out or have me at an event than my own self and my children.

  4. Organize & Prioritize. Don’t get overwhelmed because you failed to plan, stay on top of things as much as life allows.

If you have an advice, or stories of how you transitioned from 1 to 2 please share below!