Pushing for Owen: Labour & Delivery Story

“Come home”. It was these two words that confirmed the inevitable, this baby was finally ready to meet me, and I was so ready to meet him, how did I get to this point? Well it goes a little something like this…

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

I woke up with some mild cramps around 6:00am, I also felt cramping about two days before this so I didn’t think much of it. My midwife had assured me that these sort of things happen especially since I was passed the 37 week mark. I went back to bed and woke up around 9. Usually on a Sunday morning I would have been up already getting ready for church but for some reason I thought to myself, I should probably stay home. My husband got himself and Landon ready and they were out the door.

11:00am I felt a sharp pain, more similar to early labor pains but not strong enough for me to be alarmed. I thought to myself, I should probably get some rest before the boys are back but then the pain increased and I felt like something had just fallen out of me. *this is where it will get slightly graphic* I made my way to the toilet and sure enough I had lost my mucus plug.( I won’t turn this into a science lesson just hop on google real quick if you aren’t sure lol) but there was plenty of it, tinged with blood and it was all I needed to see to know things were really moving. I thought I had lost it on Saturday but when I compare the two they were very different. I was hanging out with friends the day before and told them I think I’m going to have my baby tomorrow. I was excited to see this version of my mucus plug because the last time I lost it, the next day I had my son. This time however didn’t go that way. I decided to take a shower. Once I got into the shower I noticed something dripping down my leg. It was a slow leak, my water was breaking and just like that - things switched into high gear instantly. By now it’s 12:10pm, (for whatever reason I brought my phone into the washroom with me that day, and I’m glad I did). I tried to shower as normal but a really sharp pain hit me and I had to rest my hands and head against the frame of my shower. 40 seconds later I had some relief but I was in shock ! Like is this really happening right now? What ever happened to early labor with mild contractions and enough time for me to take a nap and eat lol. Anyway within 3 minutes of me rushing my shower I felt another contraction this time it lasted a minute, and then another and they just stacked on each other within a 10 minute time span. This was a key indicator I was in labor and I needed to let my midwife know. She had informed me that my body will likely react differently this time around- not to wait for the 5-1-1 rule (contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each for 1 hour).

So without hesitation I took my phone off the shelf in the bathroom while in the shower at 12:20pm I sent my husband the message, “come home”.


Now I know this will sound crazy but I had planned to get my eyebrows done and underarms waxed before this day came so I was low-key thinking there is no way I’m gonna be in there looking a hotter mess than I have to. So I shaved my armpits in between contractions (don’t judge me loll!! ). I got dressed and by the time I had put my shirt on I heard the sound of my son saying “mum, mum. Where are you?”

I wanted to hug and love on him like I usually do when we see each other but the pain was real and I wanted to just get to the birth center. I could tell my husband was a little freaked out, he wasn’t expecting this to happen- I mean I had a strange feeling today would be the day but he had planned to get the car detailed and have a laid back Sunday afternoon but this was really happening- now. My husband packed the car with everything we needed, changed out of his church clothes and we were off ..well sorta. We were low on gas so we had to stop and that kinda drove me crazy but stopping for gas is much better than stopping to have my son on the highway.

1:00pm We made our way to my mother in laws house and dropped Landon off, then we went to pick up my mom. The Gardiner (a highway that takes you downtown) was closed- just our luck and we had to take the roads, which meant a longer period of time for me to be in the car that my husband is driving like a mad man at this point. Every turn, stop and pot hole feel magnified as my body reacts. My contractions had me hanging onto the door handle and arm rest while trying to breathe through them I really just wanted to bite the seatbelt and cry-but I decided to leave all of that for the movies and breathe because that’s really the only way I would survive. I had strawberries and a croissant on the way because I knew that if I didn’t have some sort of fuel in me I wouldn’t have the energy to push.


When we finally got to the birth center a student midwife and my midwife were waiting for me outside with a wheel chair. I remember this moment vividly and I am so embarrassed sigh. Okay so the student came to me and was explaining that she is going to get me into the wheel chair and all I needed to do was swing my leg out, seems simple enough right? Wrong, and if you said yes, you are wrong *throws rubber chicken* contractions were coming back to back and I could not move, her soft voice and attempt at explaining was becoming white noise and I sat there, trying to breathe through a contraction and now that I stop and think about it, if she saw me in pain why was she still talking about moving? She kept saying okay Renai let’s get you to the wheel chair and I would say okay and then a contraction would come and I would go immobile yet again. This continued for what felt like 5 slow and painful minutes. I could tell that she was ready to drag me out of the car but I really couldn’t move. I’m embarrassed by this moment because I know I looked crazy- again, hanging onto the door and arm rest trying to breathe and squealing at the same time, (see why its important to have your eyebrows done? lol) looking like a really sad case with bushy eyebrows just adds to the hotmess-ness ! I finally get into the wheel chair and am whisked away into a room.

The rooms at the Toronto Birth Centre are really nice, it makes you feel like you are in some sort of hotel suite.


The lights, dim and the atmosphere id set, for the craziest moments of your life lol. I get into the bed, and my midwife tells me she wants to check me, oh joy 7cm!

As I laid in the bed with each contraction I felt my body get hotter, and my ability to keep my eyes open was fading fast. I felt like I was watching myself on the brink of passing out. The last thing I wanted was to be transported to a hospital and hooked up to machines. My midwife suggested I have some juice. I had a cup of apple juice and it helped but I was still laying in bed, in pain and I just wanted to meet my son.

I felt like the best thing to do was let gravity get involved, so I asked for help to turn me around so I can hang be upright on my knees with my hands hanging over the top of the bed. This helped, and hurt like heck! I could literally feel the pressure of his head sliding down lower into my pelvis. My husband got me coconut water ( the birth centre is stacked with snacks and drinks for mamas and their guests) to sip so I didn’t pass out because I felt so drained. He would tell me how amazing I am doing while breathing through the contractions and I am so grateful he was there- because if this had happened any other day I don’t think he would have even made it. With the contractions continuing to stack up I would feel the urge to push what I was hoping would be my baby was more amniotic fluid, and I may or may not have peed ( so I peed, what’s a girl to do lol). The pain just continued to intensify. About 20 minutes later I was ready to push, and even though its cliche it really did feel like I needed to poo, so I asked to be helped to turn around. The thought of delivering while on my knees was too weird to me, so its back to my back I went. When the urge came with a contraction I would give it my all, but your all can leave you a bit torn (no pun intended) so with some more controlled breathing, direction and more sips of coconut water in between I pushed, and before I knew it. He was here.



There are moments in life where you feel like you aren’t in your own body. Like the moment is far too intense, too magical, too overwhelming. When they put Owen on my chest this is where I was. I could hear my husband telling me how great I did, kissing me on the forehead but I was just in awe. My little Junebug had arrived, healthy and beautiful. I could go on and on but I this was the story- this is how I want to remember it.

Welcome to The Wright Tribe Owen.