Life With Owen: Month 1


I can’t believe I am typing this already! A month has gone by quickly but I have learned so much about this little guy. I am hoping to continue this series each month through out his first year of life- anything after will be random and I think the title has a ring to it (lol).

Lets just jump right in, so how has it been?


Sleeps so well (on his tummy or on his back-unswaddled)

Eats- like a dream, he’s slightly tongue tied but that hasn’t hindered him (he’s breastfed)

That is usually the main concern from inquiring friends and family - “how does he eat and how does he sleep”? I’m glad I can say I have no complaints concerning either.


I left Owen with my mom when he was 2 weeks old to attend the Raptors (2019 Nba Champions Parade) I know, I know, but I had to! Anyhow I pumped the night before and the day of. Dropped him off with a bottle and- he took it! So I officially have a bottle taker, I will pump more in the next few weeks and pack a bottle with me when I go out for more convenience.

He has a strong cry, so when he’s ready he will make his presence known. When I can’t immeditely tend to his needs we can pop in a soother (which he occasionally rejects)- but I don’t mind because I don’t want an addict either (lol).


He doesn’t know it yet, but he loves his brother- if Landon holds him he goes quiet, and stares at him. Its the cutest thing and I’m looking forward to see how they will interact as he grows.

  • Turns head from side to side

  • follows objects and people with his eyes

  • responds to sounds (which reminds me, I have to book his hearing test lol)

  • can focus on an object/person up to 12 inches away

  • recognizes the scent of mommy’s milk

Sweet Owen, looking forward to what the next month brings with you!

I would love to take monthly photos of him but I can’t decide on how. With a letter board, perhaps in the bath, held up, or with some greenery? Help !! Leave suggestions below and follow along on Instagram (and come here next month) to see what I choose !