Dear Postpartum Body

When we first got together I was a bit scared of you. I wasn’t sure how you would act, would you be the same as last time or completely different? You definitely started off differently. You didn’t send pain down my legs like before, you were a lot nicer to me. But you also came with a few surprises of your own. I was never too hung up on the concept of “snap-back”, I mean- isn’t that a type of hat? Well you sure did my head in when you housed my sweet boy. Once he left there was a void, and though my stomach didn’t look the same I secretly wished it did. Instead of firm with little kicks coming, you were droopy- and discoloured (still are-somewhat) and nothing like what so many people assume. You didn’t go back down to your pre-baby weight until around 7 weeks- but thats cool, I’m alright with taking things slow. I am doing my best to feed you right but I’m not sitting around eating salad either. I am eating what I want, what I like the most and feel no ways about it. We can often get caught up with all that we see in the mirror instead of recognizing all that we are capable of and posses that isn’t reflected in that way. I am so much more than a number on the scale. YOU are so much more than just a “postpartum” body. You are my child carrying, friend hugging, rhythm holding, food digesting, leg supporting-body. You do a lot, and I am grateful for you. There are days that I don’t think this way, there will be days to come where I won’t recognize this- so before I forget, and to allow me to reflect in times to come, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making life extra special, for the milk production, the arms strong enough to hold my boys, eyes that though the vision has changed- they still work. Thanks for getting up when everything in me wanted to keep sleeping, helping me not to be selfish. Thanks for the anemia that reminded me to slow down, for the haemorrhoids that …umm..well it actually connected me to another mother, so theres that (lol). I think you get where I am going, I am grateful for you.


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