Life with Owen: Month 2


Just as quickly as the months goes by, my love for you grows .


Owen is such a happy boy, as the time has gone by I have noticed that he has such a warm spirit even though he is still young - that’s just something I’ve picked up from our time together.

Owen is sleeping very well during the night time, if he falls asleep around 9:30 he will wake around 2am to eat, back to bed until around 6, and then again a stretch of sleep until around 11. Which is great ( for me lol).

Eating well, and growing ! At his six week appointment he was weighing in at 10lbs!


Guess who is smiling ? I am seriously in love with his gummy and often tongue sticking out smile, he will smile for no reason at all sometimes- it’s the cutest.

Owen has a super sensitive bum ! He often has a rash on one side and the best remedy has been a combination of olive oil and diaper rash cream from eco by naty.

He has been loving his “susu” (pacifier) by bibs and though I was slightly nervous about him becoming attached he has been great at falling asleep without it, and learning how to self soothe - I caught him with two fingers in his mouth but I’m praying that doesn’t become “a thing”

  • Getting stronger: lifting his head with more confidence and stability, his kicks can move more than a blanket

  • Movements: no longer jerking uncontrollably when picked up or startled, his movements are much more fluid

  • Self-aware: discovering his hands and playing with them a lot more!

  • Coo-Coo: loves to make noises and hear the sound of his voice !

Landons paediatrician had handouts that went over various milestones to look out for (which is what I reference), also the help of google! I haven’t taken Owen to the paediatrician yet - judge me! Or circumcise him like we did his big brother (but I still want to).

Overall, Owen is doing great and has been such a sweet addition to our family !!