Oh baby, baby !

How was I supposed to know? I mean, a missed period or was it just so busy that I forgot to take note of what my body was telling me. I’m really not sure, but here we are- pregnant.

I don’t believe any child is an accident or a mistake and this pregnancy is no different. My husband and I had briefly discussed getting pregnant within the next few months (at the time it was August) we were hoping November conception- August babe, but God has a sense of humor doesn’t he?

Now you may not believe in God, in plans, in orchestration- but I do, and this is no different. The month of August was exciting, summer was winding down and preparation to get back to work was underway. I had interviews and trainings and the thought of leaving my son was a bit terrifying. Towards the end of the month I had received some troubling news regarding my fathers health. It went from go see him to, don’t leave him very quickly.

My dad passed away and I was truly crushed, unlike anything before the loss of a parent hit me in a way I had never imagined. In the midst of my grief I didn’t realize that my body was trying to tell me something. In the midst of death, life was emerging. I just got chills.ah.

My tears of sorrow quickly turned into tears of joy when a month after realizing my period wasn’t coming I decided to get a test. I don’t know what it is, I’m a married woman very comfortable with all that has brought me, but when it comes to purchasing a pregnancy test I feel a sense of embarrassment - silly I know. But I just think so much about what the person cashing me out is probably thinking about me, anyways after I got over that- I sped home, did what was necessary and just like that.




Which meant God willing I would have two earthly children to care for. One more reason to get up each day, one more reason to commit to work, and save for our future.

I am so excited to be on this journey and I can’t wait to see what this pregnancy brings.

Joining the tribe: Baby Wright

June 2019