Imaginative Play: Featuring Feltman Brothers

I remember growing up and having two large laundry basket bins filled with toys. My brother and I would almost empty them as we played on the weekends -(we were usually at the babysitters or outside until dinner during the week).

Using our imaginations wasn’t a foreign concept, nor was it ever forced. Looking back we really got to enjoy making stories and games up together. Once technology became more popular there was a sudden drift in our time to play. Now that I am a mother, I want my children to enjoy every moment they can, using their imaginations. Technology/media in my opinion can steal so much of that natural ability to explore the world without bias, and do things without having to see it in a movie first.

On a trip to Ikea I came across a cool vegetable plush set, and I just had to grab one.


While home with Landon who is not feeling the greatest, but always in the mood to play I pulled out these plush veggies, and threw on one of the cutest little knit rompers from Feltman Brothers on him and he was ready to play!


Feltman Brothers is a company that offers so many great classic pieces and special occasion wear for children.

The material is lightweight so Landon can freely run, jump and have fun without restriction. I thought it was a perfect pairing for our stableboy play. This knit romper is great quality and will definitely be a heirloom piece that baby brother can snag once he’s big enough. Providing quality clothes as well as quality time and moments is super important to this mama, so the next time you are going to give your child some of your time, make sure it includes things that are timeless! If you are interested in getting this suspender romper, here is the direct link!