Packed & Ready to Go! |Travel Series|

Hey Mamas!

Last week I went to Arizona and being that I still nurse Landon, leaving him behind wasn’t an option. I was a bit nervous because I just didn’t know how to prepare, what do I bring, how many diapers will I need, the questions kept coming but my time was running out. So to save myself from future “what should I pack” here is a list of must-haves,  hope it helps you ! 

  1. Diapers (calculate how many on average you need/day. And then pack 10 extra )lol if there is a time difference; or even just having different foods your baby may respond with extra poopy diapers and you’ll want to be prepared!
  2. Sunscreen; protect their skin (the one I bought made him so grey (test it out first, you want your babe protected not looking like chalk lol) 
  3. Clothing 2 sets of clothing for each day (morning & evening outfit) 1 back up & sleepwear if you want (I just let him sleep in his diaper so I wouldn’t have to pack the extra sleepers lol He also had 4 pairs of shoes, sandals, House slippers & two hats!
  4. Bath-Time Stuff (wash cloth, towel, bath soap, a toy) 
  5.  A carrier/stroller/Car seat ; Landon can walk but not as fast as I can, so the reality is though it was super exciting initially - now I’m just like “alright son, hurry up” lol so having a backup to help transport babe is super important especially in the airport when they may be sleeping (carrier) or going from different gates(stroller) A car seat was important as well because we had to drive everywhere !
  6. Toys/Books - I don’t let Landon use my phone for entertainment, so tangible play-pals are important to us! He loves to listen to books so I brought a few mini ones with us in the carrier.

So there you have it mamas, my must have list! 

 **if you have some items you would prefer to leave at home you can also rent from  flybaby an amazing company that allows mamas to rent from other locals! **